Interphase Studio is based around a custom analogue mixing console, the Ark

The Ark features the typical sound of the classic British consoles of the seventies and eighties
(hence the usage of the British word “analogue” instead of the American “analog”)

Apart from the sound of analogue gear, we prefer the hands-on experience of real knobs.
Most of our outboard gear is analogue, but we combine the best of classic gear and modern technology.


Analog Summing

Analogue Summing

Analog Summing +

Analogue Summing +

online mastering


online mix

Analogue Mix

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Live Recording

We offer a number of services, from analogue summing over live recording to full mix and mastering.

1. Analogue Summing
We import your stems into Pro Tools, Digital Performer or Logic, split them out over 32 channels and run them through our analogue console, letting the console do what it's best at. We don't make any changes to your mix, but make sure the audio interface and console are properly calibrated and then sum all your tracks to stereo.
Check our Technical Information page for info on preparing your tracks / stems for Analogue Summing.

2. Analogue Summing +
This is similar to standard Analogue Summing, but in this case we run up to 48 channels through the console, and we’ll add some of our magic to your mix (if we see fit). You can think of this as a “light" mix, where we process some of your tracks (EQ, compression, etc), and may even use a high-end master bus compressor.
Check our Technical Information page for info on preparing your tracks / stems for Analogue Summing +

3. Live / On Location Recording
Interphase Studio is set up as Mix Studio, we don’t have recording rooms. We do however offer Live or On Location Recording (in combination with live sound mixing if you like).
Check our Technical Information page for more info.

4. Basic or Full Mix
This is the fun part. Both for you and for us. A fresh pair of ears for your mix, and our complete studio including all analogue gear gets to be used.
Whether you simply want us to do a mix, or if you want to record additional tracks or replace software instruments with classic analogue synths: we have the tools, and love to use them. We can do the mix attended or as remote sessions.
Check our Technical Information page for details.

5. Mastering
Mastering is the preparation of your song for CD release, Vinyl and or Digital Distribution (such as iTunes).
We can do basic mastering ourselves but also work in close collaboration with some of the premier mastering studios in the country, ensuring a seamless post production process.
Check our Technical Information page for details.

Check our Technical Information page for details or to order.

Analogue summing at Interphase Studio, why ?

Computers are amazing, and great to work with. Multitrack recording, virtual synths, effects, editing, you name it.
But computers fail in one important thing, and that is summing all your fantastic tracks together.

There are millions of forums to be found which discuss this issue, but in our experience it’s very easy to prove.
Running a digital multitrack through a high-quality digital-to-analogue interface, a high-quality analogue console, and have all your tracks summed together in the analogue domain, improves the final result enormously.
Space, definition, depth, warmth, placement, are just some of the terms which come to mind to subscribe the result (these are not our words, but the words of our customers).

In doubt?
Try our analogue summing services.
They are guaranteed not to break your bank, and if you don’t like it, we’ll refund you.
Yes, that’s right…. We’ll refund you, if you’re not happy with the result.

Note on refund:
We believe in the honesty of people, and are confident that you will not ask for a refund when you use the result of our services.

Mixing at Interphase Studio, why ?

At Interphase Studio, we strongly believe in the sound of analogue gear. And we also know how to use our gear.
With over 25 years of live and studio engineering experience, we dare to say that we know a little bit about mixing.

A lot of engineers nowadays mix in-the-box, using the same plugins as everyone else, and making the mix sound over-analysed and digitally produced. In our opinion, these engineers are mixing with their eyes instead of their ears.
At Interphase Studio, we refuse to go that road.
We strongly believe in having the mix laid out on the analogue console, move faders and turn knobs (more than one at the same time if necessary), and listen to what happens, instead of looking of what it is supposed to sound like.
While we may use the odd plugin for special purposes, and may use the automation of our DAW to do some surgical corrections which are hard or impossible to do on our analogue console, we prefer to do all processing in the analogue domain.

All this adds to the quality of your final mix, and may be the difference between “a flat sounding, digital, this-gives-me-a-headache, in-the-box mix” or an “open, dynamic, powerful, deep, defined, woaw-this-sounds-amazing mix”

We can do attended mixes (where you come sit next to us), or remote mixes where you send us the files and can listen in from wherever you are (next best thing to sitting in the studio with us).

Studio / Gear

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  • Interphase Audio - Ark8 custom console
24 channel analogue console with 64 inputs to the mix bus.
16 channels with Inductive EQ, Swing EQ and Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut filters
8 channels with slots for 500 series modules which have been filled up with compressors

  • Soundcraft Lx7ii - 32 console
32 channel console used for the outputs of all our synths.
Master outputs and Aux outputs of this console our directly connected to the Main Master Busses and Main Aux Busses of the Ark8.
As a result, both consoles almost work as one.

Monitor Speakers
  • PMC - twotwo 6
  • JBL - LSR 305
  • BlueSky - MediaDesk 5.1 speaker set

  • Antelope Audio - Orion 32 32 channels of high-quality I/O
  • ART - Tubefire 8 (2x) 16 channels I/O with added tube warmth
  • Mac Mini with 2x 24” LCD screen
  • MacBook Pro
  • We can run Pro Tools 12 / Digital Performer 9 / Logic 9 / Logic X / Reason 8

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Hardware Processors, Outboard and 500 series modules
  • Antares - Microphone Modeller
  • ART - SLC2 dual compressor/limiter
  • DBX - 166 dual compressor/limiter
  • IGS Audio - S-Type 500 stereo vca compressor (ssl bus compressor)
  • Joemeek - MC2 stereo optical compressor
  • Sherman - FilterBank 2
  • SPL - Transient Designer 4
  • SPL - Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T tube vitalizer
  • Toft Audio - EC1 channel strip with FET compressor
  • Waves - L2 ultramaximizer

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Hardware Effects
  • Digitech - Studio 100 multi effect processor
  • Electrix - MoFX multi effect processor
  • IGS Audio - Springtime analogue spring reverb
  • Lexicon - LXP 15 classic reverb processor
  • TC Electronic - D Two delay processor
  • TC Electronic - M 350 multi effect processor
  • Yamaha - SPX 900 classic reverb processor
  • Yamaha - Rev 7 classic reverb processor

Software, DAW and Plug Ins
(we run an honest business, so only use officially acquired / legal software)

  • Antares - Auto-Tune 8 and Auto-Tune Pro
  • Antares - Avox Vocal Toolkit bundle with 12 vocal plugins
  • Apple - Logic 9 and Logic X with all standard plugins
  • Avid / Digidesign - Pro Tools 12 with all standard plugins
  • Cycling 74 - Max 7
  • Eventide - UltraChannel
  • fxpansion - BFD3 + all expansion packs
  • MOTU - Digital Performer with all standard plugins
  • Propellerhead - Reason 8 with extra rack extensions
  • Wave Arts - Power Suite bundle TrackPlug, MasterVerb, FinalPlug, MultiDynamics, Panorama

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Synths and MIDI
  • Akai - MPC 60 the original “Roger Linn designed” with latest OS, SCSI interface and HD
  • Akai - XE8 drum expander
  • Arturia - MiniBrute
  • BigBriar / Moog - Etherwave Theremin
  • Doepfer - MAQ16 MIDI analogue sequencer
  • Korg - 05R/w synth module
  • Novation - SuperNova synth module
  • Quasimidi - Quasar synth module
  • Roland - V880 synth module
  • Roland - V1080 synth module
  • Soundart - Chameleon synth module
  • Waldorf - microQ (2x) synth module

MIDI Interfaces and MIDI patchbays
  • Akai - ME-30P midi patchbay
  • ESI - Miditerminal M4U 64 channel USB MIDI interface
  • MOTU - MIDI Express 128 128 channel USB MIDI interface
  • Opcode - MIDIport 96 96 channel USB MIDI interface
(this totals to 18 MIDI ports with 288 MIDI channels, so yes, everything is always hooked up and immediately accessible)

Keyboards and Controllers
  • Arturia - MiniBrute
  • M-Audio - Axiom 49 controller keyboard
  • MIDIfighter 3D performance controller
  • Nektar - Panorama P4 controller keyboard
  • Roland - A50 controller keyboard
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Lava Lamp the original by Mathmos

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